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  • 7 reasons to take your kids camping

7 reasons to take your kids camping

By Pentewan Sands on the November 27th, 2017 in Camping, Holidays, Family, Cornwall, Lifestyle and Health

7 reasons to take your kids camping

Kids absolutely LOVE camping. The fun, the freedom, the break from the norm…for them it’s one huge adventure and parents, you can put your thumbs up too because the benefits of camping go far deeper than giggles.

Every child should go camping because…

They’ll fall in love with nature

The more time spent outdoors, the more comfortable kids become with nature. They will see it, experience it and learn to love it. Camping is the ultimate opportunity to teach children about science and nature. Plants, animals, insects…if you follow your child’s curiosity, you’ll find all kinds of things to explore.

They’ll get a digital detox

They know their way around an iPad better than most adults and think Snapchat is an everyday necessity so a well-timed digital detox is an absolute essential to snap young’uns back to reality. There’s no denying that they may find the first few unplugged hours painful – for you, perhaps even more so – but hang on in there and it won’t be long till screen time is replaced with real time.

They’ll stretch their boundaries

Camping pushes us way beyond our comfort zones. It’s about learning to roll with the punches, attempting new things and exploring new spaces. Kids can let go and set new boundaries while parents share in the discovery. Get dirty, cook by fire and get wet in the rain – embrace it and enjoy the freedom.

They’ll be campers for life

Crack the camping code when they’re young, carefree and ready for action as soon as the tent is unzipped and there’s a pretty good chance that your little ones will grow up to be happy campers. Childhood campers make adult adventurers so this is one bug that you’re gonna want them to catch!

They’ll learn new skills

There’s little need to know how to start a fire when you’re snuggled up at home, or how to feed a family using just a small camping stove when you’ve got the luxury of a whole kitchen; camping is where memories are made and life skills are taught. The great outdoors is the best classroom and the best bit? Children don’t even know that they’re learning!

They’ll learn that hard work can be fun

It’s all hands on deck when it comes to pitching a tent and whether it’s filling the water jug or gathering firewood, sleeping outdoors means there’s always work to be done. Camping is hard work but we’ll let you into a secret, kids love it. It helps teach them responsibility, teamwork and cooperation too – win, win, win!

They’ll appreciate the small things

A late night wander to the toilet block in your PJ’s always gets a giggle but what we love most about this camping original is that it helps children realise how great it is to have flushing toilets and running water at home. It’s all too easy to take every day luxuries for granted and camping is a fun and gentle way to teach children just how lucky they are.

Whether you’re a first-time camper or seasoned pitcher, Pentewan Sands Holiday Park has got the perfect spot for you. Round up your family and head our way!

For more information visit our ways to stay pages and plan your next family camping trip! 

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