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At Pentewan Sands Holiday Park, we are dedicated to looking after our local environment in Cornwall. We are committed to preserving our beautiful natural surroundings so future generations can enjoy it as much as we do today.

Sustainable holidays

We are on a journey of continuous improvement to address environmental issues and open ourselves to others to help us evaluate, learn and improve.

Pentewan Sands Holiday Park in Cornwall is committed to sustainability and good sustainable practices at all times.

As a family-owned site, with a long, rich history, we respect the sustainability of our land. As a Cornish business reliant on the environment for success we look to constantly improve and adjust to ensure the long-term survival of our park for future generations.

Our staff and visitors work together to minimise environmental impact throughout the park and we constantly strive to ensure that a holiday at Pentewan Sands Holiday Park on the beautiful Cornish coast is an environmentally responsible choice for all involved.

We believe that sustainable development is an imperative aspect of business in Cornwall and have undertaken a number of policies and practices in order to ensure environmental, economic and societal sustainability.

Improving facilities on a regular basis ensures that wasteful and non-efficient facilities are either repaired or removed and replaced.

We support local businesses and ensure that the majority of our turnover remains in the County by employing local people, using local contractors for all refurbishments, and supporting local businesses for purchasing and services.

All of our staff are made fully aware of our ethos when joining the company and are encouraged to join our Green Team. We have a nominated environmental team led by a manager with a BTEC in Sustainable Tourism.

Pentewan Sands Holiday Park in Cornwall complies with all relevant legislation and regulations that relate to health, safety, and the environment and to any other requirements or guidelines to which the campsite subscribes.

As a large Cornish company, we are passionate about our local, natural environment and are committed to improving our environmental performance by:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and industry codes of practice
  • Actively working towards reducing environmental impact and preventing pollution that occurs as a result of our operation
  • Considering the concerns of interested parties such as guests, members, local residents, employees and regulators
  • Setting objectives and targets to drive continual improvement programmes, and regularly reviewing environmental performance to ensure success
  • Ensuring all employees and sub-contractors are aware of this policy and trained in their environmental responsibilities
  • Engaging suppliers and guests in environmental initiatives that support the environmental aims of the company
  • Making this policy available to our customers and the public on demand

This policy will be implemented within the framework of an Environmental Management System designed to meet the requirements of BS8555.

We actively support the local environment, and economic and social communities. By investing in the campsite and constantly improving facilities on a regular basis, we ensure that wasteful and non-efficient facilities are either repaired or removed and replaced with efficient and waste/energy minimising models. Over the last few years, we have been proactively monitoring and reducing our energy consumption. We have invested a large amount of money purchasing efficient equipment and training our staff to use them resourcefully.

In return for our commitment, we ask you, our visitors, to also do your bit and join us in trying to make our holiday park an environmentally friendly place to stay by following these five steps to being a sustainable visitor.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – recycle your used newspapers, magazines, cans, and plastic bottles in the bins provided around the hotel.
2. Get out of the car - enjoy a whole host of local attractions and days out by walking or using public transport.
3. Stay local, eat local, buy local, see local
4. Turn off – remember to turn off the taps when you’re not using them and turn off your lights when leaving the holiday homes or caravan.
5. Follow the Countryside Code

We are committed to buying local produce and using Cornish suppliers.

Whilst you are here, why not visit a local farm shop for fresh, local produce:

  • Lobbs Farm Shop, Heligan Tel: 01726 844411
  • Boddingtons, Mevagissey Tel: 01726 842346
  • Humfreys Farm Shop, Tregony Tel: 01872 530110.
  • Trudgian Farm Shop, Truro, Tel: 01726 843397

It has become clear that all of us need to make our best effort to reduce the dangerous carbon emissions created from day to day life. However, it is equally clear that it is not going to be possible for any resident in the UK to completely eliminate their personal carbon footprint this is where carbon offsetting comes in.

Carbon offsetting works by helping both individuals and businesses to assess their carbon footprint, then invest in projects around the world that save the emissions of, or absorb, an equivalent amount of CO2. Through this process, they balance out their unavoidable carbon emissions and become CarbonZero.

Visit co2balance to see how you can reduce and offset your carbon emissions ethically and credibly. Click here to visit the co2balance website.

We work with Pentewan Cycle Hire to hire bikes and ride down the scenic cycle paths around Mevagissey, St. Austell, and the beautiful south coast of Cornwall. To view the local cycle paths, please click here.

The Mevagissey to Par stretch of the South West Coast Path passes our doors. You can view the map here.

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