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  • Holidays on your doorstep

Holidays on your doorstep

By Pentewan Sands on the September 05th, 2018 in Camping, Holidays, Family, Cornwall

Holiday on your doorstep

Hands up if you sometimes take where you live for granted? Gulp, yes us too - guilty as charged! It’s hard to admit but sometimes life gets in the way of enjoying what’s on our doorstep.

September is the perfect time to revive your spark with Cornwall. Things are getting a little quieter and the late summer sun is holding strong. A staycation on a micro scale is just what the season ordered.

Listen up South Westerners, here are six reasons why you should take time to enjoy a holiday on your doorstep…

Get an instant shot of the holiday feeling

When you pitch your tent or open the doors to your caravan at Pentewan Sands you could be anywhere in the world. That warm, relaxed feeling that you get when you’re on holiday will be bubbling away inside you, yet the fresh coastal air and incredible view will remind you that you’re right here in Cornwall. You were at your desk a few hours ago and now in full-blown holiday mode. It’s what we call a rapid holiday glow.

Avoid travel nightmares

Kids don’t care how far you’ve travelled to reach your holiday destination – in fact, the shorter the journey, the better. At Pentewan you’ll find all the same great facilities and experiences had you covered hundreds of miles, minus the “are we there yet” moans and back seat fall-outs. And of course, the chance of breakdowns, traffic jams, delays, lost baggage etc lessens with the distance covered. 

Max out time

When you’ve only got a few days to spare, you’ve got to make the time count. By holidaying close to home you can eke out every last second of your holiday. You could even take a walk on Pentewan beach before breakfast and be at the school gates by nine.

Boost wellbeing

We all know that taking breaks is good for our health - timeout resets, recharges and reinvigorates. But did you know that small, regular breaks are more effective for wellbeing than longer, annual ones? Little and often is key. Well, hello staycations!

Rekindle your love for Cornwall

Life admin can get in the way of enjoying what’s right in front of us. Cornwall attracts people from hundreds of miles away, yet it slips into the background of our daily lives. The stunning beach just down the road, the top attractions on our doorstep, the surf lesson that we keep putting off – all too often locals miss out on what makes Cornwall so special. A staycation will not only remind you why you fell in love with Cornwall in the first place but make you fall even deeper!

Discover a new side of Cornwall

Cornwall’s is gloriously wide and varied. The north coast is vastly different to the south coast and west of the county is unrecognisable to the east. Microclimates even exist. Packing your bags and upping sticks to another part of Cornwall can feel like you’re in whole new place. Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean crossing the border.

Ready? Let’s go. Book your staycation here

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