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A Day in the life of a Park Ranger

By Pentewan Sands on the October 02nd, 2017 in Camping, Holidays, Cornwall, Lifestyle and Health

No doubt some, if not all of you will have seen us around Pentewan Sands Holiday Park this summer. Our blue shirts are hard to miss. Maybe you saw us driving our buggy around to change the bins, or chatted to us as we changed an aerial or retuned your TV while babbling about continental interference (still not quite sure what it is but it’s a nightmare.) Maybe you just wanted directions for the coast path to Mevagissey. Whatever the reason you saw or spoke or spoke to us I’m sure you found us to be friendly, approachable and (hopefully) reasonably insightful about the local area and your holiday. We are the park rangers of Pentewan Sands

We know what you’re thinking “how does one campsite manage to attract so many devilishly attractive people to push bins around and chase the odd dog off the beach?” well it’s all down to you lovely people of course… and a 20% discount at the Hubbox.

Just in case you’re wondering just what it is we, in the blue shirts do around the campsite our jobs are pretty varied, we change your bins and litter pick the site. We deliver your clean sheets to you before you arrive and any messages or packages you receive during your stay. We sit on the door to the pool when it’s too full (slightly controversial one I know but we have nothing but your safety in mind!) we re-trip your electric boxes, pitch fork your pitch when its waterlogged, help you find your pitch when you arrive and most importantly, we like to think of ourselves as your first point of call if you require any information or assistance, or even if you just fancy a chat. It’s the little things that make your holiday that little bit more special and we are happy to be the workers doing those little jobs that, we hope, make staying with us that little bit more special too.

Sometimes we might look a bit down when we’re chasing seagulls away from an unattended picnic table or when changing bins on those Cornish summer days that somehow seem to leave the people outside the pool wetter than the people inside it. We can promise you though that there is no better way to spend the summer and we are all enjoying every minute of it!

So next time you see the blue shirt of a park ranger please don’t be shy, stop us for a chat. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the weather, the area, or your most recent experience with a seagull we will always have something to say and be more than happy to share it. And when the weather turns sour and the heavens open we can promise you one thing, anything to take us away from the litter picks will make our day!

We hope you all enjoyed your stays at Pentewan Sands and look forward to seeing you again in the future.        

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