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  • Wildworks Heligan 100:UnEarth
  • Wildworks Heligan 100:UnEarth

100: UnEarth at Heligan

By Pentewan Sands on the June 27th, 2018 in Holidays, Cornwall, Events, Food and Drink, Lifestyle and Health

Heligan to stage a story of war, love, loss and hope

Tissues at the ready for our neighbour, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, is gearing up to play host to WildWorks and their brand new emotionally charged show, 100: UnEarth.

At the Lost Gardens of Heligan from 3rd to 22nd July, 100: UnEarth is a story of war, love, loss and hope. It explores what happens when war is over; when people have to move on with their lives, whether that is a woman bringing up children on her own or a soldier attempting to return to normal life. It has been co-commissioned by Heligan and 14-18NOW, the UK’s arts programme, for the First World War centenary.

100 UnEarth Trailer FINAL from WildWorks on Vimeo.

With a love story at its heart, 100: UnEarth explores grief and tragedy and has a deeply moving ending. It takes inspiration from the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Shortly after returning home from war and reunited with his love Eurydice, a tragic accident occurs and Eurydice is killed. Vowing to find her and bring her home, Orpheus travels to the underworld with his band of soldiers. The audience will go along with them… if they are willing to.

The underworld is very busy following the devastating numbers of people lost at war.  There will be scenes of conflict and trauma that people in the underworld are reliving, both the First World War and contemporary conflicts, combined with scenes of the lives that people didn’t get to live.

Emma Hogg, Executive Director of the heart moving production, explains: “It is important to us that our work is based on authenticity. There are no WW1 veterans left to talk to so, we started talking to people who’d been through any conflict or who had been left behind. It didn’t matter what side you were on or which era – it will always leave scars on you. This work focuses on the impact of war on us as humans.

“We talked to people through Help For Heroes and the Royal British Legion and interviewed people who’d fought in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Falklands; people are still coming forward to tell us their stories.” 

The show starts at 7.30pm each night (6.30pm on Sundays) but there will be a pre-show of sorts at 6.30pm where WildWorks will establish the stories of the people in the village; those who didn’t come home and those couples who have to learn to share their lives again after four years apart.

Tickets are priced £24 (concessions available). Call the Hall For Cornwall box office on 01872 262466 or click here to book.  

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